Vibration machines

25€ 30€
Massage device inSPORTline C21 is a unique handheld device, suitable for a pleasant and ef..
121€ 139€
Universal massage pad inSPORTline D24 is a powerful electronic massage pad with the possib..
40€ 47€
The inSPORTline C02 massage product is the ideal tool for a deep and relaxing whole body m..
Vibration machine - 3D vertical vibration, power 350W, load 120 kg, vibration frequency 20..
Vibration Machine Microprocessor, 150kg max, 25 - 50Hz..
Vibration Machine inSPORTline Lilly offers a great way to exercise your muscles...
Helps shape your body and effectively reduce weightThe efficacy of the exercises is triple..
The InSPORTline Julite vibrating machine is ideal for body shaping, improving joints, redu..
Vibration machine InSPORTline RexaBelt is a massage device that effectively helps break do..
Vibration Machine inSPORTline Alex offers an ideal way to shape your figure, increase the ..
The ResoBelt vibrating belt is ideal for active body rest and helps to break down excess f..
Vibration Machine inSPORTline Lotos offers an ideal way to shape your figure. Its function..
Vibration machines

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