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Multi-functional fitness equipment

645€ 672€
High stability, robust construction, 24 safety locks, 10 spikes for discs, 4 hooks for acc..
152€ 270€
Non-commercial ski simulator, LCD display, high quality construction, resistance range fro..
904€ 1,016€
Внимание! Тежести не са включени • Конструкция от въглеродна стомана S25C-S30C • Рамка..
Fitness device for abdominal presses and back muscles ..
Multi-purpose equipment for exercising using your own weight, stable and sturdy frame, eas..
Can be used as bench press station, sturdy structure, comfortable padding, anti-slip. ..
Effectively exercises abs, waist and back muscles, five moving massage rollers with paddi..
For midsection exercises, shapes upper, middle and lower part of your abdomen, doesn’t st..
Multi-functional Ab Board ..
Combination of plank and sit-up exercise, 4 levels of intensity, high exercise effectivi..
High-quality weight training set, for medium/heavy weight users, 3 exercise stations for..
Middle class exercise bench, for users with average / lower body weight, 5 exercise stat..
More than 100 exercises, spikes for discs, high load capacity, 18 positions of height ad..
Multi-functional fitness equipment

Лежанки и тренажори - предлагаме ви богата гама фитнес лежанки за коремни преси, лежанки за упражнения с дъмбели и други. Разгледайте нашата богата гама лежанки и тренажори подходящи за начинаещи и напреднали билдъри. Всички уреди са на световно известната марка inSPORTline.

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